Promotion Atlas NKP 1+1 for free

Prices are rising everywhere, but not here! Promotion Atlas 1+1 for free is back!

The Atlas 1+1 free promotion in Ramex that you have fallen in love with is back!

Buy 5l of Atlas NKP primer and get another 5l for free. Pay only PLN 6.29 for a liter of primer that
does not splash, drip or dust after drying.

Buy cleanliness at the renovation site for half price! Ask our advisors in RAMEX stores about our
other promotions.

You can get all the details in the RAMEX Market.

Nowy Sącz, ul. Wiśniowieckiego 123C

Piwniczna – Zdrój ul. Węgierska 2A

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Promocja Atlas NKP 1+1 w Ramex Nowy Sącz i Piwniczna-Zdrój
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