Factory Warehouses of Bruk-Bet Design

Bruk-Bet Design – Ramex factory warehouses

Ramex branches in Kraków, Rzeszów, Nowy Sącz, Nowy Targ, Konin and Piwniczna are well-stocked factory warehouses of Bruk-Bet Design with outdoor exhibitions showing the use of individual elements in the garden and in the immediate vicinity of the house. In Warehouses of Fabryczna Bruk-Bet Design and at external exhibitions you will find e.g. terrace tiles that combine beauty, modern design and high functionality. The absolute bestseller in Ramex’s offer are cobblestones and paving slabs, which are perfect for arranging garden paths, home driveways or walking routes. Bruk-Bet provides our Branches with e.g. garden slabs, which, on the one hand, have a utility function – they facilitate the arrangement of the area around the house, and on the other hand, play a significant decorative role. When viewing the Bruk-Bet exhibition, it is worth paying attention to the multitude of forms and textures of the offered products, which allows you to perfectly match their appearance to the surroundings.

Outdoor exhibitions of Bruk-Bet Design

We have organized an exemplary exhibition at ul. Bociana 16 in Krakow, where you can see an interesting arrangement, showing the integration of concrete slabs, paving stones and palisade into the space of a green garden with live plants. The Rzeszów Branch of Ramex offers e.g. ecological cubes and plates. Using these products, you can easily lay a paved surface that allows for proper and effective drainage of rainwater into the ground. Ecological Bruk-Bet products naturally support the ecosystem, which is of particular importance in the case of hydrologically threatened areas. Arrangements of Bruk-Bet products in Ramex branches show e.g. openwork surfaces and elements with special spacers forming gaps, as well as cubes and slabs with high water permeability. At the exhibition and in the warehouse of the Ramex Branch in Nowy Sącz at ul. Wegierska 79 you will find e.g. fencing blocks, which thanks to the regular shape of the rectangle and the fine-grained structure of the surface, are suitable for creating a neat and classy fence.

At the outdoor exhibition at ul. Szaflarska 103B in Nowy Targ are distinguished by e.g. edgings, palisades, curbs and posts, which are an elegant and functional finishing element of paving stone surfaces. The edges and curbs presented in the outdoor exhibition stabilize the surface and are an interesting decoration. In our DIY store in Piwniczna, you will get full and reliable information about the Bruk-Bet offer, especially such products as: stair treads, concrete furniture, walls, decorative stones, small garden architecture and products for road and sewage infrastructure.

Bruk-Bet Design offer in Ramex branches

The advantage of Bruk-Bet products is their unique design, inspired by the appearance of natural stones, and very high resistance to damage and dirt, which is ensured by the surface protection system used during the production process. The assortment signed with the Bruk-Bet brand is perfect for the immediate vicinity of the house, on the terrace, as well as in the garden. A significant example are terrace tiles, which, thanks to their unique design and rich colors, harmonize well with arrangements in various styles: rustic, minimalist or modern. It is worth paying attention to the decorative potential of seemingly inconspicuous edges. It is these elements that create a clear boundary between the lawn and the cobblestone path. Interestingly, in addition to the basic border function, they are also great as the edges of low flower beds and lawns.

Our customers also appreciate the excellent quality of stair treads manufactured by Bruk-Bet. They are an interesting alternative to finishing external stairs with ordinary ceramic tiles. Our consultants in each of the Ramex Branches will help you in the selection of products, taking into account practical solutions used in professional arrangements of Bruk-Bet Design designers.

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