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RAMEX construction equipment rental

The RAMEX company offers individual customers, as well as construction companies and subcontractors of development investments, the possibility of renting construction and gardening equipment, tools and power tools.

If you need comprehensive service and construction supplies, at RAMEX you will find a set of products and specialized equipment to implement your plans. We supply our clients with construction and finishing materials as well as new and used machines necessary to perform renovation and construction works. We also organize the delivery of ordered products and equipment to the indicated address, using the RAMEX car fleet. The combination of the sale of goods, transport services and the rental of professional tools makes our offer unique on the local market.

Construction equipment available at RAMEX rental

RAMEX rental offers equipment for various types of work in the field of construction and interior finishing as well as gardening. We have tools for drilling and stabbing: rotary hammers and demolition hammers, diamond drills, along with specialist chisels and drills. For processing stone and concrete, we recommend e.g. a tile and clinker guillotine, a mortar mixer, grinders and compactors, as well as a concrete vibrator that ensures optimal compaction and improves the quality of the poured concrete floor or foundation.

If you plan to work on wood, you can rent a sander, edge sander, polishing machine, panel guillotine, saw, saw or jigsaw. For painting and wallpapering, you can rent a heater, an industrial dehumidifier, as well as a steam wallpaper remover. Customers are constantly interested in a sander for walls and ceilings and a lift for ceiling tiles, ideal for mounting plasterboards, both on straight and sloping ceilings.

The range of our rental also includes cleaning equipment: surface and pressure washers, dry and wet vacuum cleaners used to absorb both wet and dry substances.

For temporary, seasonal work in the garden, we recommend: a rotary tiller, a scarifier, a soil drill, a wood and stump shredder, a leaf blower, hedge trimmers and various types of saws and trimmers.

When working on installations, a multidetector can be helpful, designed to detect electrical wires and cables when drilling, milling or cutting is planned. We also encourage you to use popular products that facilitate renovation and construction works: mobile scaffolding, ladders, trailers with a tarpaulin, or a transport trolley.

Why is it worth renting construction equipment?

The use of the right machines makes you work more efficiently – you save time and achieve professional results, even if you are not a specialist in the field of given renovation and construction works. The big advantage of renting is the lack of high purchase and maintenance costs for machines that are used occasionally. The equipment available in our Rentals is controlled and serviced by specialists, therefore it is in optimal condition and ensures safe, trouble-free operation.

Employees of our Rental will be happy to advise you on the selection of appropriate machines and tools. We provide our customers with a user manual for a given equipment, and on request, we present and explain how it works. Thanks to specialized tools and advice from a DIY store, you will be able to cope with any task and get a result that you will be proud of.

Rules for renting construction equipment – it’s easier than you think!

Do you want to rent construction equipment, but you don’t know what the rental rules are? Our experienced employees provide all necessary information on this subject. Talking about your construction or renovation plans will allow you to match the right tools to the scope of the work planned, as well as predetermine the rental period.

To rent construction equipment, it is necessary to present an identity document. The deposit for tools can be paid in cash or by credit card. It is worth knowing about the possibility of using insurance against damage to equipment, which allows you to minimize the risk and potential damage.

During the presentation and explanation of the functions of a given device by the rental staff, its operation is checked in the presence of the customer, so that there is certainty as to its condition before renting. The declared rental period is specified at the time of payment, but if during the work it turns out that the equipment is needed for longer, you can extend the rental period by phone for a period of up to 1 week (if the equipment has not been booked by another person). If there is a need for a longer rental period, you need to visit the rental shop in person at a DIY store.

At the time of returning the equipment to the rental, the staff, in the presence of the Customer, checks its condition again, in terms of proper operation and possible damage, so that the device can be made available to other people. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the returned device is always clean and empty. The deposit is always returned after assessing the condition of the tools. When renting construction machinery, it is worth thinking about consumables such as: polishing pads, sponges, felts, abrasive discs, replacement chains for the saw, etc., which will be needed when working with the rented equipment. Ask the employees of the rental shop at the DIY store about them, who will be happy to advise you on their choice.

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