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Plaster and paint mixer Ramex Nowy Sącz – any color on request!

If you plan to paint interiors or facades, visit our DIY store, where the staff will advise you on which product will be the best to implement your plan. We will directly present all available color palettes, and with the help of our experienced consultants you will choose your dream color of paint or plaster.

With us you will choose the right plaster or paint in any color, because in addition to ready-made products, we also offer plasters and paints from the mixer, which we will prepare especially at your request. We specialize in complete insulation systems from Atlas, Bolix, Cerestit and Baumit, which thanks to the mixer can be personalized so that they are original and meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We execute individual orders instantly, also in the field of structural and decorative plasters.

We will make the selected product on site, and thanks to the capabilities of an automatic, specialized mixer as well as original components and pigments, we guarantee precision in reproducing the desired color. At the customer’s request, we can also prepare samples of selected colors, so that you can decide for yourself which one will be suitable for the living room, dining room, kitchen or for external walls of the house.

Offer of plasters and paints in the Ramex Nowy Sącz construction store

Our offer includes high-quality plasters and paints for all substrates. When selecting and mixing colors, we use the NCS (Natural Color System), which is one of the most widespread color systems in the world and is a binding standard, among others in Sweden, Norway and Spain. This popular system allows you to describe all colors, so with the help of our consultant you will find or create the color you dream about.

Our construction shop includes: interior paints, facade paints, enamels for metal and wood, protection and decoration of wood, masses and primers for substrate preparation, special products (e.g. waterproofing, pigments, heat and fire-resistant coatings), floor coatings, thinners, systems of products dyed in mixers based on our own pigments and bases, as well as dyes and decorative systems.

The classic offer in the field of white and colored paints as well as structural plasters and paints is complemented by products intended, among others, for: for metal, concrete and roof painting, as well as waxes, oils and fillers.

Plasters and paints from the mixer of Atlas, Bolix, Cerestit and Baumit

Atlas is one of the most recognizable, valued and at the same time the strongest Polish brands. A wide range of high-quality products, complementary and compatible with each other, created in accordance with the current market demand and customer expectations, as well as environmental protection regulations. Atlas is constantly improving its products and looking for new solutions. Atlas products available in our construction store include: thin-layer mineral, acrylic, silicate and silicone plasters as well as silicone, silicate, acrylic and interior paints.

The Bolix company is a leading Polish manufacturer of construction chemicals, specializing in the production of facade systems, and the company’s brand is synonymous with high-quality construction solutions at an affordable price. And that is why our DIY store could not miss Bolix products, such as:

  • acrylic plasters, silicone plasters, silicone-acrylic plasters, silicate plasters and plasters mineral
  • thermal insulation systems based on polystyrene and mineral wool
  • microbiological protection systems for buildings
  • facade and repair systems
  • facade paints and primers
  • adhesives and preparations for wall and floor tiles
  • interior paints and materials for interior finishing

Versatile and specially adapted to various substrates, Baumit’s products form a complete product range of high-quality, easy-to-work construction products. Products under the Baumit brand include top-class structural plasters, mineral plasters, modeled plasters, mosaic plasters as well as decorative paints and decorative coatings.

Ceresit is the brand with the longest tradition in Henkel’s adhesive offer. It is one of the best-known and top-rated construction chemicals brands in the world. Currently, Ceresit is perceived as an expert in the field of tiling, insulation and sealing, and professional systems of this brand are used by professionals from the construction industry in over 60 countries around the world. In the offer of our construction store you will find the Ceresit branded:

  • products for laying and grouting ceramic tiles
  • products for making and repairing floors
  • products for insulation and renovation of buildings
  • concrete repair products
  • materials for anchoring and assembly of structures
  • products for plastering, painting and building insulation
  • mortars, primers and complementary products

Our strengths

Modern Plaster and Paint Mixer available on site
Professional advice
Producer's products in original packaging guarantee the highest quality
There are no restrictions on the reproduction of the color of the plaster or paint from the color palette of the NCS system
Thanks to cooperation with the manufacturer, we are able to develop each recipe according to the manufacturer's color palette within a few days
We prepare samples of selected colors so that the customer can decide for himself which color will be appropriate
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