Car wash and petrol station

Ramex self-service car wash in Piwniczna

A modern, self-service car wash in Piwniczna was launched in 2022. This new investment is based on touchless and ecological car washing technology. One of the advantages is the ability to use it yourself at any time of the day or night – the car wash is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
The simplicity of its use and the possibility of paying by card or cash increases the interest of the inhabitants of Piwniczna and nearby towns such as Rytro, Młodów, Wierchomla or Żegiestów, as well as Slovak tourists from the nearby Mniszek nad Popradem and from Lubowla. The location of the car wash right next to the Ramex DIY Market is an additional advantage – customers have close access to a well-stocked building and finishing materials store.

Rules for using the Ramex self-service car wash in Piwniczna

Customers using a car wash have several programs to choose from, differing in both the equipment used and the means for cleaning, polishing and car paint maintenance. The first thing you need to do is pay for the service by inserting coins into the validator or using a payment card. Then remove the appropriate lance gun and select the washing program by pressing the appropriate button. Car wash customers have at their disposal: main washing, during which the dirt is softened, as well as washing with a brush with active foam – it is a supplement to the main washing, which allows you to get rid of particularly stubborn dirt. When rinsing, it is worth paying attention to thoroughly rinsing chemical residues and dirt from the entire body, in particular from the gaps at the windows, doors and trunk.

We especially recommend a polymer maintenance program to our customers, as waxing protects the car’s paintwork. Systematic use of this program protects and preserves the vehicle body against dirt and harmful weather conditions, such as water and sun, without absorbing current dust and sand. It is also worth taking advantage of the possibility of polishing and drying the car, thanks to which the car body will be characterized by an effective gloss without stains and streaks. This program uses softened and demineralized water with the addition of a rinse aid, which guarantees a high gloss of the varnish.

For the most demanding customers, we have introduced a modern and rare car wash program: rim spraying. It is worth using this option before starting the main washing. During this operation, a strong, concentrated washing agent is dosed, which can easily deal with stubborn dirt. Spraying the rims is a program that ensures that we will remove dirt that other basic car wash programs cannot handle.

It is worth knowing that the self-service car wash in Piwniczna is not intended for washing quads, cross-country and off-road vehicles, engines, agricultural and construction machines. It is also not allowed to use your own detergents there, or to wash cars by hand. In order to maintain full safety when using the car wash, you should follow the traffic regulations, observe the principle that only one person may be at the washing station when using the car wash, and be careful due to the slippery floor.

Gas station at the Ramex Construction Market in Nowy Sącz

Customers of our Construction Market, Exclusive Bathrooms Showroom – Showroom and Construction Outlet at ul. Wiśniowiecki 123C in Nowy Sącz can take advantage of the offer of our petrol station. In addition to attractive prices of 95-octane petrol, diesel oil and AdBlue additive, the station offers replaceable gas cylinders, oils, screen wash liquids and many other automotive- related products.
At our station, tired drivers can not only refuel, but can also buy snacks, cold drinks and taste tasty coffee, resting before continuing their journey. It is worth knowing that regular fuel customers can count on fleet discounts – the current terms of the offer will be presented to you by the station staff. Our petrol station is open from Monday to Friday from 6.00 am to 9.00 pm, and on Saturdays from
7.00 am to 3.00 pm

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