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“The living room is the heart of every home, a place where we meet with family and friends, share stories and create memories.”

Prestiżowy salon Ramex Showroom

Can luxury combine with simplicity and modernity? Our designers prove that it most certainly can. We present another interior design, this time a living room that is a continuation of the previous project in which we presented a white, ergonomic, yet inviting hallway. This time our designers live up to expectations after going with a delicate and subdued hallway they strike with a contrasting living room that further maintains a simple Scandinavian style, but combines it with luxury and prestige.

Idealna kompozycja kolorystyczna  Ramex Showroom

Upon entering, the first thing that strikes the eye is the color combination of white and deep royal blue complemented by oak wood on one of the walls. A perfect composition carrying practicality, the darker wall will make it more pleasant to use the large TV while watching movies or playing games on the console in the evening. The floor in the same shade of wood does not introduce unnecessary chaos, so our designers have achieved perfect color harmony.

Ekskluzywna jadalnia Ramex Showroom

On the other side of the living room, our designers placed the dining area, where a white textured wall appears on one of the walls so that despite being further away in the living room, we can feel like we are in another room. The color scheme of the dining room naturally reflects the colors of white and oak which makes the dining room itself not stand out from the living room being ready to be used, yet discreet and close to the kitchen.

Salon royal blue Ramex Showroom

The use of interestingly contrasting colors of white and royal blue gave us a prestigious and simple living room interior. The prestigious interior thanks to the bold composition and the color royal blue, a color particularly popular in French courts gives mystery and arouses curiosity, while at the same time it does not introduce cold and allows you to relax. Simplicity, on the other hand, does not precipitate splendor, which will ensure that spending time with family or friends will not be disturbed by the surroundings.

Salon z częścią wypoczynkową i jadalnianą Ramex Showroom

Thanks to the use of two separate lighting systems, modern led circles in the lounge area and circles in the dining area, our designers achieved a perfect alignment of circular shapes while emphasizing the discreet boundaries between the two parts without disturbing the style.

Royal blue i złoto Ramex Showroom

Our designers were also tempted to add a touch of gold in combination with the color royal blue. Gold accessories further enhance the prestige and make the interior even more interesting. The combination of blue and yellow has always been considered one of the most interesting color combinations, and here we have added prestige and mystery.

Projekt salonu Ramex Showroom

The dining area, on the other hand, was situated in such a way as to be ergonomic. This gave us 6 comfortable seats with access to each of them, and a connection to the kitchen countertop, so that the convenience of this dining room is further increased. The entrance to this part of the living room, thanks to its design, makes us feel we are in a different room, but the color scheme as well as the delicate accent of extending the kitchen countertop on the wall with white wall panels reminiscent of those on the opposite side of the living room make us feel we are not going beyond the living room with our perception.

Projekt kuchni Ramex Showroom

The culmination of the project is a kitchen that relates in simplicity and color to the rest of the living room. White and oak subtly harmonize with each other and add impeccability, while gold details in the form of cabinet handles remind us of the prestigious nature of this interior. In this way, our designers closed the design of the apartment in a modern, yet simple style. We would like to remind you that at Ramex Showroom our designers are ready to design any interior, not only bathrooms, but also living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms.

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