Comfortable small bathroom

“A small bathroom can be just as comfortable as a large one, because true comfort comes from the functional use of space.”

projekt małej łazienki

Introducing Ramex Showroom’s latest small bathroom project. Measuring just 2.85 m2, the bathroom is fully functional, comfortable and stylish at the same time thanks to its skilful development. An ideal design for small bathrooms where lack of space prevents traditional forms of arrangement. Our designers used many ergonomic solutions which will allow for fully comfortable use of a small bathroom.

komfortowa łazienka

In the presented design of a small bathroom, we have used every possible space for ergonomics, as evidenced by a stylish shelf under the shower, which plays an aesthetic and functional role, allowing cosmetics to be stored there. The shower itself is very large, which definitely improves the comfort of use. In this bathroom, our designers also used a stylish free-standing washbasin, which does not take up excessive space but at the same time plays a decorative role. Above the washbasin, there is a ‘stain’ mirror with LED backlighting that further highlights and emphasises the texture of the tiles. Our designers used stoneware tiles imitating fabric in this project, so that they cease to be a hard and cool surface to the touch and give the impression of softness and delicacy.

mała łazienka

In the design of the small bathroom, our designers used furniture that perfectly matches the tiles used, a stylish wooden shelf that provides easy access to frequently used products or can be used to display small ornaments, which further emphasises the individuality of the user. In addition, the use of a concealed bidet mixer is ideal for bathrooms in which the use of a traditional bidet is not possible due to the small surface area.

projekt łazienki

Our designers opted for the use of beige and gold, which lends warmth and at the same time optically enlarges the bathroom. In addition, the combination of these colours has a positive effect on the style of the design, giving the impression of luxury while being simple. We invite you to take advantage of the advice of our Ramex Showroom designers who will design every room in your home with full commitment and passion.

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