Ramex Sleigh ride 2023

On Saturday, January 21, 2023, a sleigh ride was organized for Ramex employees. We started the horse-drawn sleigh ride in Krynica-Zdrój, which ran through picturesque areas, full of snow, coniferous trees, and torches added a unique atmosphere. We felt as if we had moved back in time, as if we were part of a traditional Polish village. While driving, we could admire the beautiful winter scenery. The final of the trip took place in the Cichy Kącik inn where we sat down to the tables.

After returning from the ride, there was a party to the accompaniment of a DJ during which we celebrated the jubilee of our long-time employees: Paweł Rola (25 years old), Tadeusz Kiwior (20 years old), Adam Zemanek (10 years old), Tomasz Trzeciarski (10 years old), Paweł Frączek (10 years old), 10 years old) and Adam Dwojak (10 years old). Thank you for all these years and we hope that you will strengthen our team with your experience and commitment in the years to come.

The sleigh ride ended late at night. All attendees agreed that it was a great experience and would love to come back for another event like this.

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